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Modified 9 January 2018


Modified 8 January 2018


Modified 9 January 2018

Diploma in Commerce

Modified 16 March 2020

Diploma in Graphic Design

Modified 19 October 2016

Diploma in Mass Communication

Modified 8 September 2017

Foundation in Business

Modified 17 March 2020

Intensive English Programme

Modified 8 December 2020

Master in Management

Modified 31 October 2017

For MPU subjects

Modified 26 May 2017

Online BALTM

Our BA in Leisure & Tourism programme in collaboration with EU Business School, Switzerland, focuses on teaching students how to manage the tourism business. Tourism is the fastest-growing industry in the business world. Our Bachelor in Leisure & Tourism Management program provides a solid foundation in the theory and practice of tourism management and prepares you for a successful career within the tourism and leisure industry. In addition to industry-specific modules, our course options will enable you to develop a range of business skills applicable to the wider commercial market.

Modified 16 September 2016

Online BBA (Top-up)

The Bachelor of Business Administration in exclusive partnership with EU Business School, Switzerland, focuses on teaching students how to succeed in today’s business world. It is designed to give students a foundation in business study and increase participant’s management skills by providing the necessary knowledge, tools, and concepts to analyse and solve complex business problems.

Students will develop dynamic leadership abilities leading to greater effectiveness in a middle management position, and gain an understanding of how a business operates through subject areas of Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, Marketing and Management.

This program is open to all working adult in Asia region that unable to attend on-campus classes.