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15 Courses

Teacher: Nabila Wawan

Broadcast Journalism

This course explains the key practical skills required by today’s broadcast journalist. Key techniques and theoretical context the broadcast journalist will need to know in order to succeed are presented in detail. At the same time, ideas are presented in the context of the continuing internet revolution taking place in the broadcast industry.

Teacher: Stepheny Teo

Communication Theories

This course introduces students to a selected set of leading theories in the communication field and demonstrates how these theories apply to their lives. It presents theories coherently so that students can compare and contrast different approaches to particular interests in the field (for example: relationships, performance, language and mass communication).

Teacher: Nurul Nabila

Desktop Publishing

This course introduces the essentials of a major DTP software - QuarkXPress 8 / InDesign. It focuses on the basic techniques of DTP software for print and Web workflows. It provides the essential tips and techniques for getting the most out of DTP software. Students actually learn DTP software in terms of: Workspaces, Documents, Pages, Items, Type, Text, Tables, Graphics, Color, Print, PDF, Web, and Flash.

Teacher: Stepheny Teo

DMC1043 - Small Group Communication

This course provides a balance of principles and applications of group communication. With an emphasis on teamwork, technology, and ethical collaboration. This course also helps students enhance their performance in groups and teams, simultaneously  giving them the  insight as to why group and team members communicate as they do.

Teacher: Stepheny Teo

DMC1073 - Intercultural Communication

This course seeks to illustrate the dynamic role intercultural communication plays today in social problems, the workplace, health care setting, mass media, and history through a layered and contextualized perspective. Interpersonal communication concepts are looked at through the lenses of individual, interpersonal, organizational, and societal / cultural perspectives to help students understand the context of both their own behavior and that of others. At the same time, the perspective emphasizes that people have agency and individuals can make a difference to address social problem.

Teacher: Stepheny Teo

DMC2043 - Communication Theory & Practices

This course is conducted using ‘hands on’ method in which the students will be expected to participate actively in all class discussions and presentations, exercises and assignments. The theoretical aspects of business communication will be kept to a minimum and will be discussed only when introducing any particular form of communication. Students are also encouraged to use the library resources to seek further examples and applications, to promote student driven independent learning.

Teacher: Stepheny Teo

DMC3093 - Communication Research

This course provides an introduction to social research in communication-related disciplines. It covers rhetorical and historical research and emphasizes that their methodologies are complementary. This course also attempts to arm students with some of the essential critical thinking skills that are necessary to survive the information overload of the 21st century, helping them to sort the sense from the nonsense.

In whole, this course provides students with the means to conduct, analyze and interact with research in the field of communication.

Teacher: Stephanie Lee


This course is offered to enable students to be interested in business and to develop their entrepreneurial interests in starting their own small business. Topics to be discussed include the nature of entrepreneurial tasks, the process of starting their own enterprise and the roles of entrepreneurs in our free enterprise system. This course will enable students to acquire the knowledge and develop the skills needed to effectively organize, develop, create and manage their own business.

Teacher: Stepheny Teo

Interpersonal Communication

The goal of this course is to help students become better communicators. It introduces students to a wide array of theories and perspectives in interpersonal communication and to encourage them to enhance their understanding of the theory and practice of interpersonal communication.

Teacher: Nurul Nabila

Introduction to Broadcasting

This course is a comprehensive introduction to the practicing field of broadcasting journalism, covering how news produced are broadcasted over mass media, particularly via radio and television. It also describes the range of job possibilities in the field and offers practical exposure to the whole supply chain of broadcasting of news and reports – from the collection of information, writing, editing and presentation.

Teacher: Nabila Wawan

Media Law

This course will introduce participants to issues and concepts around the topic of ethical communication in media. Participants will examine social media and new technologies that influence ethical journalism. Lessons and course materials include evaluation of important ethical conflicts in the media.

Teacher: Nabila Wawan


This course features the very best in photojournalism through interviews with professionals from leading newspapers and magazines. It blends insightful interviews with professionals, their practical working experience of handling on-the-job challenges, current equipment and camera technology, and high impact photographs to present the very best in photojournalism. It also covers information on new laws affecting photojournalists, new trend in multimedia to keep skills competitive and a look back at some international history in the photography world.